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Our Story-Hand burning to Laser

Stapel Signs and Laser Services started out with McKael making wedding gifts for his friends using a hand wood burner. He would trace the images and sayings onto the board then sit for hours and wood burn them. The team part started in December when we decided it could be something we could try to sell to make a little extra money for our first Christmas. We put up the pictures on Facebook thinking we'd get one or two orders, but then were pleasantly shocked when we had enough orders we wondered how we'd ever have time to get them all done! We worked together as I would trace and McKael would wood burn. McKael approached me with the idea of someday getting a laser engraving machine, but when we saw the price we knew it would not be in the near future! Then one day McKael's dad told us about a man in town who happened to have a laser machine he was looking to sell! It didn't take us long to decide that we wanted to take the risk of making this investment and it has been the best choice for our business! Now everything is designed on the computer and all we do is put the wood in, line it up, and push print and the laser does the work for us!

One of the funnest things about it has been all the different things we've been able to make with the laser and having people share so many incredible ideas with us! We love that we get to make everything unique and personalized. It has been a wonderful experience seeing people's faces when we give them their finished product!